Unify aims to revolutionise team work, to guaranteeing all members have a great experience.


The Jensen Labs team was introduced to the founder of Unify and were inspired by the mission to revolutionise the team work experience. Everyone has horrible team work stories from school, university or even within the workplace. Unify was developed to hold team members accountable to each other whilst allowing leaders the transparency to monitor project progress.



  • Custom Platform: Unify is a custom design web application which allows for the on-boarding of entire cohorts of students and educators.
  • All About Me: The product introduces a form which helps members understand each others strengths, weaknesses and preferences aiding in improving productivity
  • Weekly Check-Ins: Unify also has an in built accountability tool which requires team members to submit progress updates and summaries of weekly tasks.
  • Reviewing: All team members can also review each team members responses to verify and vote on the validity. This is used by educators for peer review moderation.
  • Educator Dashboard: Partnered with the team based features, educators or team leaders have access to an analytics dashboard which presents insights on team performance.


The product was completed within the expected timeline and the founder of Unify was very happy with the final result. For this project the founder supplied wire-frames for UI designing and was very happy to see exact replication in the actual software. In terms of functionality the platform was successful, both for front facing team member users and within the educator portal. We hope Unify will achieve its mission and the software the Jensen team created can play a small role.