Stasia - designed to remove baggage and streamline project management.


Stasia is an in house tool developed by Angus Moore who is part of the Jensen Labs leadership team. While completing many software contracting projects, he became frustrated with the current project management landscape and decided to build a streamlined platform. This principle is at the heart of Stasia, aiming to remove all the clutter and unnecessary features which often plague large enterprise software products.

Project Management


  • Ticketing: As is the staple of all project management software Stasia offers ticketing for project tasks and issues.
  • File System: Designed to easily centralise the most important information so there's no need to navigate between products.
  • CRM: Stasia offers a streamlined customer relationship tool which supplies the relevant information without all the distraction.
  • Small Teams/Startups: At its core Stasia is designed to cater to small, fast paced teams who are aiming to just get things done. Therefore the architecture reduces all unnecessary features and promotes efficiency.


Stasia is the oldest product developed by Jensen Labs and has continued to be used by our team to this day. For all contracts, projects and products we use the platform to keep track of progress and assign tasks to developers. We have thoroughly enjoyed the simple layout and feature set and continue to promote fit for purpose software solutions.