Duclare aims to build a future where your employees are never slowed down finding answers to their questions.


Duclare is an in house developed AI product which aims to build interfaces for organisational knowledge. Jensen Labs aims to grow and help more users through launching products in problem areas that we identify. Duclare targets the decentralisation of organisational data. Through integrations with Slack, Teams, OneDrive, Google Drive... etc and the latest LLMs (Large Language Models), we believe Duclare helps to solve data silos and builds new knowledge for employees.

Artificial Intelligence


  • LLMs : Duclare utilises the latest LLMs to analysis large data silos to find the most important information for employees.
  • Integrations: The product uses external data sources such as Slack, Teams, Notion, OneDrive, Google Drive and Mail services to centralise all the most important data at a company.
  • Chat Interface: Duclare makes it easy for employees to query company data through a chat interface with our AI model.
  • Privacy and Security: We understand the importance of data security and privacy, that is why Duclare uses no external infrastructure to ensure the data supplied by users is safe.
  • Workspaces: Your team can work together in the same workspace, sharing documents, data, chat and knowledge within the same environment.


  • Knowledge Creation: The greatest value proposition for Duclare is that data silos within a business can be turned into knowledge creation.
  • Efficiency: Through centralising all company data into one easy to query location, employees no longer waste time searching for information.
  • Team Workspace: Knowledge is no longer locked in your co workers mind, all the relevant knowledge created is stored and accessible to the team.
  • Chat Interface: Easy to use chat interface is easy to use and simple for any user to have a natural language conversation.
  • Reference: All data used in AI responses is referenced directly from its data source so you know exactly where the answer originated.

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